Saturday, May 21, 2011

Amanda Holden took a bad reaction to Lorna Bliss's lip gloss!

Amanda Holden has revealed that filming had to be halted during auditions shown on Saturday night’s Britain’s Got Talent, because she took an allergic reaction to Lorna Bliss’s lip gloss.

The sexy performer kissed the judge on the nose, as she danced raunchily to Britney Spears’ Toxic, however she was wearing a lip plumping lip gloss and it caused Holden’s nose to swell soon after the routine.

Amanda said: “She had lip plump on and got my nose. We ended up stopping the show for five minutes because my nose ‘plumped’.”

An embarrassed Lorna said: “I’m really sorry that happened to Amanda. I only kissed her because she’s the most attractive member of the panel.”

Lorna has also revealed that despite getting three nos from the judges at her recent tryout, she was offered £50,000 to play her idol in a porn movie but turned it down out of respect for her idol.

The blonde bombshell – who has spent £170,000 copying Britney’s look – said:

“I’m known as a lookalike internationally and have had some weird offers. I was offered £50,000 to play Britney in a porn film. I wasn’t offended but it wouldn’t be fair on Britney if I did an adult movie.”

Rosie Tratt Interview

Lorna Bliss ( Britney) Being interviewed on Girls Talk by Rosie Tratt on oxfords 107.9FM 14th June 2009.

Britney Lookalike - Lorna Bliss on Tokudane, Fuji TV, Japan

Lorna Bliss arriving at Heathrow airport after an 11 flight from Los Angles 27/08/2009 & interview for ''Tokudane' Fuji TV Japan which aired in Japan on 09/09/2009.

you outta know

Lorna Bliss at a photoshoot Dec 2009 , just before they shoot the pics she does a rendition of the classic Alanis morissette track "you oughta know" the same way Spears did on her circus tour for the photographer !

THIS MORNING 3rd July 2009

Lorna Bliss being interviewed LIVE on this morning with the lovely Ruth Langsford & Eamonn Holmes.... daytime TV classic ... lorna sings Ooops I did it again LIVE accapella on the show whilst Eamonn dances along in his chair ... Funny :-)

Lorna Bliss Promo Trailer

Lorna Bliss as Britney Spears - Snippets from performance in Nepal Live for sagarmartha Television 31st Dec 2008 & Live from Leciester Square 16th June 2009 for GMTV, ITV ,Lorna Goes out on leciester Square with Michelle Morrission & Fools the British Public into believing shes the real Britney!!! Oops she fooled you again lol

Lorna Bliss on GMTV 17th June 2009

Lorna Bliss - The Uks # 1 Britney Spears Impersonator on GMTV- footage from previous evening out on leciester square in London, live studio interview & Lorna singing Britneys Smash hit single "hit me baby one more time" LIVE accapella on The Uks biggest Breakfast television show GMTV. The interviewers seam to be grilling Lorna a bit in the first part of the interview but the end they warm to Lornas 'intoxicating' ( no pun intended there lol) charisma.... On a more serious note though the segments on leicester square were filmed on the evening of 16th June - just hours after Lornas fathers funeral (Tom Bliss sadly died of terminal cancer on 31st may 2009) . On the 16th june, Lorna bravely went straight from her fathers funeral in a car provided by GMTV and began filming.... she had only 3 hours sleep that night but was back in the GMTV studios the next morning at 6am ready for her LIVE studio interview. The show must go on.Being on this show was great experience for Lorna , strange that it all happened on the day of her fathers funeral.... it really does make you wonder whether there was a guardian angel somewhere pulling the strings ??? Being Britney has brought so much happiness into Lornas life & it seams surreal that what would have been one of the saddest days in Lornas life was made more bearable by her career as Britney Spears. Something that Lorna thanks Britney greatly for.